Burundi Kayanza Nemba COE winner Lot 11

Subtle acidity.
• Fruity – red fruit, tropical tones
• Clean
• Complex
Nemba washing station uses a monitoring system to ensure traceability all along the production and processing chain. All 2910 producers are smallholders owning an average of 330 coffee trees. The farms delivering cherry to Nemba are all located around 1700m near the Kibila forest. Just like its neighbour country Rwanda, Burundi is planted with Bourbon, producing vibrantly fruity cups. The washing station has over two hundred drying tables and can process up to 750 metric tons of coffee cherry. Webcor’s mission statement seems to work: nine out of twenty seven lots of this year’s Cup of Excellence were produced by washing stations owned by Webcor. The Nemba washing station itself has featured twice in the three years Burundi organizes the program.
This Cup of Excellence winner, ranking 11th in this year competition, comes from the Kayanza region. It’s a bourbon coffee picked around 1860 masl, fully washed and dried on raised beds.

We have always been very fond of this origin, but last years we had numberous defective coffees from Burundi – potato disaese. Luckily for the local farmers these problems seem to vanish bit by bit.