Ethiopia Sidamo Hunkute

Slim mouthfeel and a bergamot finish, Jasmin Florals, Apricot.

Hunkute is a cooperative located in one of the higher locations in Sidamo in the south of Ethiopia, consisting of around 1700 smallholder farm members. The producers of this cooperative grow coffee together with other crops such as maize and papaya. Harvested cherries are brought to the local washing station where their pickings are hand sorted to remove overripes and unripes. The high altitudes and low temperatures where these coffees are grown results in a very intense and bright coffee.

The coffee is organically grown by default (but not certified), as the farmers do not use chemicals or artificial fertilizer due to little problems with coffee pests and diseases.

Coming from the same region in Sidama as the Suke Quto and Guji, Hunkute has an added layer of complexity which gives it more “adventurous” feel.