Kenya Kirinyaga Gakuyuni AB+ SL28 & SL34

– Sweet cup, Violet, Blueberry Candy, Cuberdon, Very fat/oily mouthfeel, which we like a lot!

From just underneath the legendary Mount Kenya, at a hight of 1650 meters above sea level. Mount Kenya is a key player in the flavour profile of many Kenyan coffees. The young red volcanic soil is packed with nutrients, has a favourable soil acidity and a loose enough structure for nutrients to make it all the way down to the roots of the plants.

Something on the all mighty SL28 now :

First of all, how could something with so robotic-sounding a name have such an affect on coffee-loving mouths everywhere? Well, don’t blame the coffee for its weird nomenclature: It comes from the fact that the variety was identified by a company called Scott Labs, which was hired by the Kenyan government in the 1930s to survey and catalog types of coffee which were best suited to commercial development there on account of their drought resistance, productivity, and cup quality.

While SL-34 is more commonly grown at a lower altitude than its compatriot, it’s SL-28 that’s most prized by coffee people. Complex, the dazzling acidity (reminiscent in some cases of black currant and others of fresh summer-ripe tomato) of this variety is so unlike most coffees from elsewhere in the world that the questions of terroir and processing are often also raised when discussing Kenyan coffees. A juicy body and super sweet, almost tropical flavor are other characteristics that drive SL-28 drinkers wild.